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What is Surahi?

Surahi is our Star Product, a Gravity Based (Non-Electric) Water Purifier

What Power Source does the Surahi use ?

Surahi does not require any power source to function. Water is purified simply by means of flow through the multiple filtration parts.


Installing the Surahi, unlike many other water purifiers does not require assistance of a technical person. Assembling it is so easy that any person can follow the picture marked process in our manual and set it up in only a couple of minutes.

Suggestions prior to use

We suggestion and advise a thorough cleaning of all the parts before setting up / installing the product.


The Surahi can also be as easily serviced as it was to set it up. You simply need to change the replacement filtration parts i.e. the filter cartridge and the ceramic dome (the steps of which can be found in the user manual)

Filtration system

The Surahi uses a 7 stage filtration process, where every stage is responsible for target different aspects of the purification process. The details of the filtration process can be found in the Product section of the website


The Surahi has been put through stringent testing regulations of the Bureau of Indian Standards, where we got the Surahi’s purified water tested to match the drinking water quality. Also our manufacturing is tested by International Organization of Standards (ISO) for Quality and Environment friendly processes.


The Surahi is light weight and compact making it easy to carry and place at any alternate location in the house.

Filter life

The filter is expected to purify water for roughly 5000 liters after which the replacement parts i.e. the filter cartridge and ceramic dome must be replaced.
Replacement filters: The Replacement filters can be purchased from any of our dealers selling the Surahi.

The revolutionary water purifier promises to transform the way you experience water.


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